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519 Manitou Rd SE
Calgary, AB

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: What are hour hours? A: 10am-6pm
Q: I don't have a license. Can I hang out at the store? A: No.
Q: Are you open on Saturday? A: No
Q: I am at your store but it is not where Apple Maps says. A: Apple Maps is wrong
Q: Are you open until 6pm? A: Yes
Q: When are you open in the morning? A: 10am
Q: My GPS took me to a fence over behind Amazon. Why aren't you there? A: Because the GPS is wrong.
Q: I bought some items, used them and I want to return them. A: Not allowed
Q: Can I bring my family to play in the store? A: No.
Q: What time are you open until? A: 6pm
Q: Do you sell mortimer for nails? A: No
Q: Can you teach me how to do microneedling? A: No
Q: Can you fix my steamer? A: No
Q: What are your hours? A: 10am-6pm
Q: I am at your store but the lady says they don't sell the items on your website. A: You are at the wrong store
Q: Are you next to Costco? A: No
Q: Are you off Blackfoot? A: Yes
Q: Do you have toner for hair? A: No
Q: Do you sell electric beds? A: No

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