Beauty Canada Supply EMAIL


       Gel Polish(18)

       Nail Art(224)

       Nail Brushes(42)



       UV Gel(44)

       Extension Accessories(154)

       Extension Tweezers(44)

       Glue and Liquids(24)

       Lash Perm Lift(28)

       Lash Trays(20)

       Bobby Pins/Clips/Pins(50)



       Hair Brush(48)

       Hard Goods(20)


       Stylist Aprons/Cutting Capes(31)

       Hair Treatments(91)


       Styling Products(41)

       Manicure Liquids(45)

       Manicure Tools/Buffers(41)

       Nail Files(43)


       PMU Equipment(33)

       PMU Liquids/BB Glow(38)


       Face Masks/Jelly Masks(81)

       Facial Kits(24)

       Lip Care(26)


       Sheet Masks(76)

       Skin Care Equipment(51)

       Skin Care Products(154)

       Skin Serums(68)

       Cotton Supplies/Wipes/Sponge(35)

       Depilatory Waxing(92)

       Empty Bottles(115)




       Spa Disposables(38)

       Sterilization Supplies(118)

       Teeth Whitening(8)


Monday-Friday: 9:00am to 5:30pm
Saturday: CLOSED
Sunday: 10:00am to 4:00pm